Monday, December 5, 2011

What? Now We Can't Admit That We're Asian?

I was always told that diversity a good thing for this country.  I also hear that schools should admit students based on merit.  As an Asian student, I can't help wondering how best to navigate the various schools admissions criteria.  In the K-12 magnet school system here in Los Angeles, I've been told that it is more advantageous to identifying myself as being "white" to gain a spot in the highly coveted magnet schools.  Now, I read that to apply to college, Asian students who have an option to identify themselves at either "white", "other", or "Asian," should avoid the "Asian" option to give themselves a better chance of being admitted to elite colleges.  This is because apparently, Asian students are victims of being too successful academically.

In a few years, I'll be applying to college.  As an Asian student with an Asian sounding last name, who is not a super academic performer, and not an athlete, what ethnic box should I check on the college applications?

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