Friday, June 21, 2013

2013 V3con!

If you haven't already heard, I was invited to speak at V3con last weekend on a panel about internet safety.  V3con is a digital media conference, presented by the Asian American Journalists Association, that focuses on Asian American Pacific Islander communications.  It was such a rewarding experience for me - it's not everyday that I get to exercise my public speaking skills, let alone in front of a bunch of adults!

Chloe and I worked together to revamp our business cards from last year.  Unfortunately, she couldn't make it to the conference this year, but I was able to hand out most of the cards we printed. I'm so proud :D

Last year, Chloe and I attended the conference as volunteers, so it was really neat being able to go as a guest this time around.  I had the opportunity to meet some seriously cool people whom I hope to keep in touch with (I got their business cards, too!).  Hopefully you can all check out V3con in the future if you get the chance; it's really inspiring and fun!

Me (left) and one of the cool people I met at V3con, Mallika Bajaj (right)!
I did end up writing a blog post about the panel I spoke on, which you can check out here

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Driving Troubles

Did I tell you guys about how I got my driver's license?!  I've had it for about a couple of months. I can finally drive myself places now!

But...I kind of got into an accident already.  Don't worry, nobody got hurt; it was just a bumper thumper.  Still, it was a real bummer—my mom had literally just been warning me the day before about insurance rates, and then I went and rear-ended another car.  I guess traffic was so bad that I got bored and forgot to pay attention....big mistake.  I guess I really met the "bad driving" Asian standard.  Definitely not the one I wanted to meet.

It looks like I won't be driving for a while because my insurance rate went up.  So...lesson learned: don't go thinking you're cool and stop paying attention to the road.  I feel so uncool right now.  

But at least I can always be proud of myself for not getting hurt.

Woooo!  I'm so proud!