Saturday, February 25, 2012


Sorry I haven't posted in a long time. I've been busy with schoolwork. Today, I'm going to write about a special store.  Last summer, we were visiting Seattle and exploring Chinatown when we found KOBO, which is a small store in Seattle that features Japanese, Asian, and Northwest arts and crafts. We ended up spending two hours there looking at all the art work and curios. The store features many different types of artwork by different artists. The artwork they feature is amazing and cute. They sell a wide range of items such as books, posters, paintings, mugs, ceramics, t-shirts (THEY'RE SO CUTE I BOUGHT TWO!), spray painted...objects, and much more. A few of my favorite art pieces were by Enfu. However,  I loved all the other pieces as well. I'll post a few of them below.

We bought these silver spray painted baby durians. They're very cool and decorative. Maybe they are better spray-painted then eaten, because I hear that the inside is supposed to be  stinky.

The store inspired me to paint some artwork of my own. For me, the topic is food, of course,. Here are a few.

Here's KOBO's information if you want to check out the store/artwork.
KOBO website:
KOBO Facebook: