Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Make Art with Paper from Hiromi Paper

When most most of us need paper, we usually just go to office supplies and stationary stores such as Staples or Office Depot and buy the machine made standard 8 1/2" x 11" letter size papers. However, for doing something special, sometimes you wish you have paper that looks special. Well, Hiromi Paper store, located in the Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, definitely has unique paper. It sells ALL kinds of specialty paper made in different parts of the world.

Paper lanterns at Hiromi Paper

The store is small but very inviting inside. It has colorful paper mache objects around the room as well as tissue paper lanterns strung up across the walls. Hiromi Paper carries the largest selection of Japanese fine-art and conservation papers in the U.S. It also carries paper made from different plant fibers from Brazil, Bhutan, Nepal and the Yucatan. The paper from different parts of the world have their own characteristics. In fact, the paper's origins and designs themselves are so interesting that I believe they probablyshould be considered artwork themselves. There is a paper called seikosen paper made from the Kozo (mulberry) plant made by only one family on an island in Japan. This strong paper is hand made and has limited quantities.

Printed wrapping paper.
What is also eye opening are the paper made of thinly sliced radishes, starfruit, kiwi,and other types of plants. Some of the paper carried by Hiromi Paper are very colorful and some have very intricate designs. Some of them make you question if they're even paper at all!

Paper made of fruits anda vegetables.

At Hiromi Paper, there are also books about paper making, how to make stencils, origami, lanterns, kites, etc. I bought a book about how to make stencils. and also a small stack of different decorative paper. The only problem is that the papers are so pretty that I don't want to use them for paper cutting, or writing, or for anything at all because I don't want to ruin the paper!

Stencils I cut using Hiromi's paper

 Next time I go, I'm going to try buying some of the radish paper and paper made of wood!

Also, if you visit Hiromi Paper, you should also walk around the rest of Bergamot Station and check out the other cool stores and art galleries.

Here is Hiromi Paper's contact information!

Tel: 310.998.0098
Website:  They have an online store! So you can order online too!
The store is at Bergamot Station unit G9!!! Check it out!!

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