Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Some of my friends are apparently getting too old for Halloween. Which is really sad to me. It's the only night you'd get free candy from strangers and get to dress up as the weirdest thing ever.

Ugly Doll or Gumby?
The people who aren't getting too old for Halloween don't dress up in very good costumes... I was talking to my friend about a quote from the movie "Mean Girls" where the main character says "Halloween is the only holiday where girls can dress as badly as they wanted to and not be called *****." Haha but the sad part is that...this is partially true. Girls in my school literally think it's okay to wear underwear-like clothes to school for Halloween. I would feel self conscious showing my butt like that.

But nonetheless, Halloween's pretty fun. I don't really eat candy that much, but it's a really fun holiday. I was watching one of my favorite shows "Gravity Falls" (My friends don't watch cartoons maybe I'm just lame.) and one episode was called Summerween. It was really good because Dipper (the main character) thinks that since he's older he should no longer Trick or Treat even though he and his twin sister Mabel always go together. Then the Summerween trickster comes along and Dipper has to go trick or treating in order to get 500 candies along with Mabel and some friends so they won't get killed.

Summerween episode of Gravity Falls

Anyways. I'm sort of digressing. Okay.  I have this sort of tradition where I make my own costumes. One year, I was a robot made out of cardboard boxes and chopsticks for antenna. Another year, I was a blue recycling bin (I wore 'Heelies' too so I can be wheeled around like a recycling bin). Last year I dressed up as a giant Ugly Doll (but people thought I was Gumby). I also have a tradition of always going with my friend to trick or treat in a neighborhood called Cheviot Hills, which (sadly has a lot of stairs) and even sadder, I have a tradition of tripping over those stairs and not being able to walk very well in my costumes.

This year, I made a Finn hat, and I'm going to be Finn from Adventure Time.

 Hope you all have a great Halloween tonight!

Oh, and I designed some Halloween buttons for our school library. They will be given out to kids who comes to the library in a costume. We only had time to make 200 buttons, so they will be given out on a first come first serve. Our library mascot is a narwhal, so I designed the narwhal in Halloween costumes. I on the library promotion club and of all nerdy names, we're called the "ACRONYMS". Ouch.

Okay now, everyone, go read a good spooky book or watch a spooky show tonight after trick or treating. (Sadly, I have to study for my test tomorrow).

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  1. Your costume is really cool. I love that you make homemade costumes! Have a fun Halloween!