Monday, January 21, 2013

Sawtelle Boulevard (Part 2) The Stores

Food aside, I really like the stores on Sawtelle also. The stores are so cute and have great for buying gifts. I really like going to Happy Six and Black Market. Happy Six has a bunch of really cute Japanese t-shirts, bags, and accessories. On top of that, they also opened up a macaron store inside Happy Six that sells really good macarons in the cutest little packaging ever! Plus they give out coupons to the best boba place next door called Volcano Tea.

Macarons inside Happy Six

The Black Market has so many different things. You can spend an entire day in the Black Market and never get bored. It has toys, mugs, clothing, journals, keychains, stuffed animals. Anything you can imagine. The stuff they sell are really funny and cute also. It's one of my favorite stores to shop for gifts because you can always find a good and unique present.

Of course, there is Giant Robot, the original store that carries all the Ugly Dolls. Our parents got us our first Ugly Dolls back in 2003 when they were at the San Diego ComiCon. We loved them so much and since then, we found that Giant Robot on Sawtelle carries them and we've gotten many more Ugly Dolls there over the years. The new Ugly Doll designs and colors are not as nice as our old ones, but that's just our opinion.

Our Ugly Doll Collection since 2003

Giant Robot carries other designer toys, t-shirts and books too.

Sawtelle Boulevard has become a great destination for hip contemporary Asian American art, design and food for kids and older folks too. Go check it out sometimes.

Happy Six: 2115 Sawtelle Boulevard  Los Angeles, CA 90025
Black Market:  2023 Sawtelle Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90025
Giant Robot: 2015 Sawtelle Boulevard  Los Angeles, CA 90025

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