Friday, May 10, 2013

Social Media!

I was thinking about all the social media sites I use. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, DeviantArt, Tumblr....

Which one is your favorite?

Personally I don't really get the point of Twitter even though our KoolAsianKid Twitter account has over 600 followers. I guess it's nice to get the word out fast about what I am doing, my newest blog post, or find out what other people are saying about topics I'm interested in. From a fan girl's point of view, I do like getting updated on when the next season of my favorite TV show or movie is coming out or follow actors and directors. I also follow topics about teens and Asian Americans and what they are doing.

Facebook I don't really get either. It's really time consuming though. I guess it is nice being able to keep in touch with old friends and things of that sort...but a lot of times, my friends and I just post pictures of ourselves and wait for "likes" and comments from each other about how nice the photos look. Of course, it's not as if we are going to call each other ugly on Facebook, so the whole exercise is a bit self serving. I have a public CoolAsianKid Facebook page, but that one doesn't get too many followers, and I don't use it much except to occasionally advertise our blog posts.

If had to choose between the two social media sites Mark Zuckerberg owns, I would have to go with Instagram because I have a...fandom account that I enjoy updating very much. My fan account is everything about the British TV shows Sherlock and Doctor Who, and yes I'm a nerd. But you say that like it's a bad thing. Don't scoff though. My cousin and I have close to 2000 followers in the short five months since we created it. In my opinion, our fandom account is really cool. Check it out

TUMBLR. Tumblr is the home for a fangirl or fanboy. I personally like it because there are quite a lot of interesting people and subject matters on it and you can always find people or things that inspire you, or things you can connect to through Tumblr. On Tumblr, you can personalize your account by setting up your own theme for your tumblog....your own music, your own cursor....Anything that portrays your style. Also, unlike Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter it seems like a very safe environment. You don't have to worry about hacks (Like Instagram), or unwanted people on your account or annoying ads everywhere!

I'm always inspired by the artwork on Tumblr  I always find an amazing animation on Tumblr or an amazing artist. It's a very artsy community. Plus they have gifs, which is a series of pictures that appear to be moving like a short animation.  See my Cool Asian Kid Tumblr here.

My plush animals race gif on
I have an AskChibiAang Tumblr account where I pretend to be Aang from Avatar: The Last AirBender, . . . but in a miniature chibi form I created. Other Avatar fans ask me funny questions about Aang's duties, and I respond about what an Avatar has to do. It's fun role playing, and it's funny that other fans like to engage in this kind of role play.

My gif on

I guess dA (Deviantart) fanfiction and YouTube are also forms of social media. Deviantart is mainly for people posting art and stories, and Youtube is quite fun with a lot of people posting Vlogs (Video-blogs) that are fun, informative and interesting.

People are also into Pinterest and SnapChat now I believe? I haven't tried them. My school discourages us from using SnapChat for our own safety. Some kids have gotten into trouble for posting inappropriate comments on SnapChat which prompted our school to give us a talk about internet safety and social media etiquette. I think social media can be fun, but kids need to be careful about what they post online and not abuse the freedom they get on social media sites to invite unwanted followers or criticisms. By far, the worst offenders I meet on social media are the advertisers who spam me with things they are trying to sell. This makes social media a lot less fun.

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