Thursday, June 6, 2013

Driving Troubles

Did I tell you guys about how I got my driver's license?!  I've had it for about a couple of months. I can finally drive myself places now!

But...I kind of got into an accident already.  Don't worry, nobody got hurt; it was just a bumper thumper.  Still, it was a real bummer—my mom had literally just been warning me the day before about insurance rates, and then I went and rear-ended another car.  I guess traffic was so bad that I got bored and forgot to pay attention....big mistake.  I guess I really met the "bad driving" Asian standard.  Definitely not the one I wanted to meet.

It looks like I won't be driving for a while because my insurance rate went up.  So...lesson learned: don't go thinking you're cool and stop paying attention to the road.  I feel so uncool right now.  

But at least I can always be proud of myself for not getting hurt.

Woooo!  I'm so proud!

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