Saturday, November 19, 2011

Scoops Ice Cream

One day my mom took my sister and I to an ice cream shop near our house. The ice cream shop is called Scoops (3400 Overland Avenue). My sister and I were really excited about going to this ice cream shop because my mom kept on raving about this one flavor called Brown Brown Bread. The ice cream shop is a small cafe with a few chairs scattered around in the shop. There are a few flavors written on a chalkboard, and are erased everyday to be replaced with a few others of their hundreds of flavors. Here is a sample of the unique flavors they have at Scoops:

Brown Brown Bread (Which is the flavor on the far right in the picture)
Green Tea Brown Rice
Lavender Goat Cheese
Earl Grey Ice Cream
Pistachio Egg Nog
Salty Rocky Road
Banana Oreo
Ume Yuzu
Pecan Tiramisu
Banana Chocolate

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