Friday, November 18, 2011

What We Like

Food!  We like to eat . . . Especially Asian food.  We grew up with foods from different countries and traditions and can eat hot and spicy foods from different styles of cuisine: Indian, Szechuan, Hunan, Korean, Thai, Mexican, Vietnamese, Arab, and Japanese (if you count Wasabi as being hot and spicy).  When our non-Asian friends complain that a burrito is too spicy, we laugh and feel sorry for them.

TV dramas. We secretly watch Korean dramas for the sappy plots, love triangles and mean mother-in-laws.  Korean dramas can sometimes have over 100 episodes.  They can be both comic and tragic in the same story, and have ridiculously translated titles such as "Temptation of Wife", "Boys over Flower", "I am a Flower too", "Vampire Prosecutor", "Protect the Boss".  Above is an episode from "Pure in Heart", broadcast on Channel 18.  Channel 18 is a leading Asian language television station.

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