Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Robo Games, Part 3. Victory

The Judge's Award at LegoLand.

We won two awards. My group got one. MY group: the Robo Swag team. By the time the competition ended, we thought we did so poorly that all of our teammates left already.  Only me and one other kid stayed to collect the trophy. So, what did we win? We won the Judges Award. For interviewing well....I guess... Not for winning any competition. But that's good with me. At least we won something! The other award was for our other team, the Odd Bots. They won the On-the-Spot mission for catching the Lego pig in 8 seconds!!! That's pretty impressive. They beat the next fastest team by one second!  This is the first time ever that our Middle School Robotics team got two trophies in one competition! I'm pretty proud.

By the time the competition finally ended my mom asked me if I wanted to go on any rides (because there were absolutely no lines due to the rain). We walked through Miniland  in Legoland, which is really amazing. We also walked through this Pharaoh's Revenge thing also. I am, a wuss when it comes to haunted walks. It's like the House of Horrors at Universal Studios. I get so creeped out even though the LegoLand one is not scary AT ALL. I still bury my face in my mom's arm, close my eyes and walk through without seeing anything. I do remember seeing this tiny door in the Pharaoh's Revenge that said "Knock For Assistance". My mom wanted to knock. I did not. The last thing I want was to get a heart attack from some creepy thing popping out of a mysterious door. I guess we were supposed to look for some keys but I just pushed my mom along so we didn't find any. We went on one other ride which was a tiny roller coaster for babies called Coastersaurus. My mom was screaming the whole time, which was embarrassing because even the toddler in front of us wasn't screaming.  My mom and I are pretty pathetic when we go to amusement parks. I can't believe that last year, we even had the courage to go on Jurassic Park at Universal Studios together.

So because of our "amazing" performance at the Robotics competition we'll be on the front page of our school's website and we'll go in front of the whole middle school to show off our awards at Monday Morning Meeting.... In our bright pink shirts.

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