Saturday, June 16, 2012

Boys Over Flowers

So, recently we started watching Korean Dramas again. The first one we saw that was about 20 episodes (which is very short compared to other dramas) was called A Pasta in Love.( I love these titles). I think I know the formula for Korean dramas. They have such outrageous plots and situations that the audience gets all worked up and start yelling at the TV screen. Yet we want to find out how the characters resolve those stupid situations anyways, so we continue to watch.

A Pasta in Love

Right now, my sister and I are watching a very famous drama called Boys over Flowers based on the Japanese Manga Hana Yori Dango. It's about a high school for very rich kids in Korea, and it has a problem with bullying. The leaders of the whole school is a group called F4. F4 gives certain kids they don't like the Red Card.

The Red Card is placed in the victim's locker, and everyone in the school starts to bully that kid. (Because all of F4 is really rich and  "good looking" so everyone does what they say. Strangely, there are no teachers or adults around at all).  The main character Geum Jan Di, a girl from a very poor family gets accepted into the school on full scholarship for swimming. She hates F4, and even when they give her the Red Card she stands up to them. The leader of F4, Gu Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho), falls in love with her...and Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun Joong)  falls in love with her......and then the love triangles and problems arise. There are times when you really want to kick the girl though, because you want to root for a spunky girl yet sometimes she just acts dumb and clueless. I probably said that I hated her about 100 times by now (to the TV screen), although the bullying effeminate boys are equally offensive . . .and charming.
Boys Over Flowers
The show has 25 episodes. I recommend it. You can find it on Netflix, or probably anywhere online. Make sure you watch the KOREAN version though. I think that the Japanese, or Taiwanese versions aren't as entertaining. We've seen the actor who plays Jan Di, or Koo Hye Sun, before in a drama called Pure in Heart. In it, she plays a spunky, hard working poor girl as well. We like her a lot. I think she got that role of the spunky and funny doormat down. The drama is really good.

Anyways..... Any other recommendations for dramas we can watch? It's summer vacation, and we're allowed to indulge in some non-academic nonsense.

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