Sunday, January 8, 2012

Angry Birds: World Sensation

Has not everyone played Angry Birds at least once since it first came out? Has not everyone played for hours on end staring at the little birds attacking the green pigs? Has not everyone dressed in angry bird costumes for Halloween? Okay, maybe not that extreme, although many people have gone a bit excessive... The whole Angry Birds has been blown out of proportion... and yet we still play it at least once a week trying to get three stars on every level, even if it takes us all night. Angry Birds has created a world epidemic, and even Hitler loves to play it. That's right Hitler.  Hitler, the most hated dictator in the twentieth century got sucked into the addictive game. See the video below:

Confused? Astonished? Disgusted? Well if you've played the game, you should know how addictive it is and how many hours on end, day and night, that you have spent cursing at those green pigs.

How many hours have you played this week? Comment below!

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