Monday, January 30, 2012

Instant Ramen!!!

What is  ramen? A staple for college students, a very pricy meal, a meal for people who don't want to cook, or just something that hits the spot. Either way there are so many different choices, it is bound to satisfy your taste buds.  Ramen can be amazing and expensive noodles, in which chefs try very hard to make the perfect broth, noodles, and toppings. Ramen can also be non-perishable, full of preservatives and loads of unhealthy stuff. However, in my opinion they are both good!

There are many varieties of instant ramen, ranging from (what I call) "safe" ramen called "Cup of Noodles" as you may have all heard of, to the red, hot, spicy "Shin Ramyun" (our favorite). I suppose "Cup of Noodles" is good on a cold, non-adventurous day, however there are so many others to try! When you start watching Korean dramas, you will see dozens and dozens of ramen commercials. Especially, our personal favorite commercial, for "Hoo Roo Rook" and Shin Ramyun. Man these people are so dramatic! Here are the videos below:


From the commercials shown above can't you see how happy these ramen eating men are? The catchphrase for Hoo Roo Rook is literally "So good, slurping is allowed!".

We have tried the Japanese ramen before, and trust me you can tell the difference. The Japanese ramen, specifically the ones we got ( Shirakiku Tokusen Sio Ramen "JAPANESE STYLE NOODLE") was bland, not very spicy at all, and best when kimchi is added to it.

"Shin Ramyun" is very spicy and especially good when you add other fresh ingredients to it. For example, eggs, wakame(seaweed), bok choi, other greens, and anything else you desire.

Instant ramen is so delicious, yet so bad for you. I love it! Try to control my favorite manga character, Yotsuba below:

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  1. What a great post! I love the videos! I didn't know that Shin Ramen was so popular outside of the Korean community! I like mine with an egg.... yum. I know it's so bad for you but oh well. Hoo Roo Rook isn't exactly healthy food either -- but it's not as bad as Shin Ramen... Keep on writing! We all enjoy your blog very much over at our house!