Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Hilarious Lao Fu Zi: Old Master Q

One of the funniest comic strips we've read is the Chinese Lao Fu Zi, or "Old Master Q".  This comic strip has been around for many decades and was created by Mr. Alfonso Wong in Chinese.  When we read the comic strips we just looked at the pictures without understanding the Chinese dialog.  We'd ask our parents to translate the comic strips for us.  Most of the time though, we can understand the comic strip without needing to read the words.  Most of the comic strips have no words. The pictures speak for themselves because the drawing is so amazing.

Old Master Q is about an old Chinese dude who dresses like a very ancient Chinese dude.  However, he is young at heart and is involved in all kinds of antics and adventures.  Sometimes, he flies an airplane. Other times, he fishes, sky dives, challenges vicious gangsters, duels with ghosts, and even tries to woo beautiful young ladies.  Most of the time, Old Master Q lets the situation get the better of him, and falls flat on his face for the world to see.  But, it's always funny to see him try his best.  His two best buddies are Mr. Chin, and Big Potato.

Recently, we found Old Master Q's website at  To our surprise, a lot of the original Old Master Q comic strips are posted on the site. What's even better, now there are English subtitles added. So check it out.  You might get some giggles too.

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