Friday, January 6, 2012

Merkato Ethiopian Restaurant Review by Fanofrice

My friend fanofrice reviews restaurants for kids better than anyone else. This is her review of one of our favorite restaurants in Los Angeles:

Just Bring Your Hands

You must be thinking right now "Just Bring Your Hands? Is this some kind of donation or something?!" Well no, it isn't. I only talk about food and art remember??(though I can't think of what to do in art...) This is a restaurant, Merkato, where you can eat with your hands! Kids will love this!!
Merkato is an Ethiopian restaurant in Little Ethiopia in Los Angeles CA, on Fairfax. (Near LACMA museum) Well if you live under a rock and never heard of Ethiopian food, then I shall explain. Ethiopian food often has on the center platter a piece of spongy flat bread called injera. The bread is a little bit sour but goes great with what you put on it. On top of the bread are often lentils, cabbage, greens, and meat each cooked in different kinds of sauces that soak into the bread.

Then this is when the hand part comes in. Tear off a piece of the injera and scoop up the sauce and eat up! It may seem uncivilized but that's why kids love it! Hope you have fun!

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