Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs (Part 2)

Before I went to my first bat mitzvah, I didn't know what to expect. Neither did my parents. To get prepared, my parents and I watched a movie called Sixty Six. 

Sixty Six is about a twelve year old Jewish kid named Bernie who has been planning his bar mitzvah for a long time now. He lives in England. Unfortunately for him, his dad loses his job so he has to have a smaller party, eventually only having the party at his house. To make it worse, his bar mitzvah takes place on the same day as the World Cup, and the year 1966 is the first time that England makes it to the World Cup Finals so nobody wants to attend his bar mitzvah. They were all glued to the TV. The story shows how Bernie deals with the disaster, from doing black magic on the English soccer players, to discussing the problems with his blind rabbi. It's a really great comedy that I suggest everyone should see, even if you aren't Jewish. If you don't recognize the actor, his name is Gregg Sulkin, and he is now in many Disney Channel movies and TV shows. 

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